Terst BEMF - brushless motors

BEMF (Back EMF) test is carried out for Brushless motors testing. These types of motors are increasingly used in all industrial sectors due to their versatility and no-maintenance properties. This unquestionable advantage for the end user requires the manufacturer to provide reliable and defect-free products.

To assist the Manufacturer in this challenging undertaking, Risatti offers a test bench where, in addition to the electrical tests applicable according to current standards, such as ground efficiency, resistance, insulation and dielectric strength, other specific tests (for example BEMF) for BLDC brushless motors have been implemented. These tests identify both construction glitches, like cabling errors of the connectors, and performance problems, such as motor oscillation at full speed.

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How to perform BEMF test

During the BEMF test is measured the induced voltage generated between the terminals of the motor rotated by external drive.

The BEMF test (Back EMF) of the motor therefore allows detecting construction problems of the rotor, magnets or any angle misalignments. This test is performed by making the motor rotate at the desired speed and by detecting the voltage generated on the three phases by means of a digitizer with adequate performance with zero-phase shift. For each phase, it is possible to conduct an analysis in the time and frequency domain, which allows detecting values of Ke and harmonic distortion, which are indicators of the correct functioning of the motor.

Each BEMF test can be parameterized, with the possibility of being disabled, and collected data are stored on a database for tracking and future access.

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