General conditions of sales

GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALES APPLIED BY RISATTI INSTRUMENTS S.R.L., based in Mappano (TO), via Goretta nº 92/N, C.F. and VAT 02017370012, registration in the Register of Companies of Turin, REA nº 530619


1 General provisions

1.1 These General Sales condition (hereinafter “GSC”), available for consultation, reproduction and storage by the Customer on the website, regulate the B2B online sale of the products of Risatti Instruments Srl, a company of Italian law based in Mappano (TO), via Goretta nº 92/N, CF and VAT number 02017370012, registration in the Turin Company Register, REA nº 530619, PEC, e—mail info@risatti tel. + 39 011 280289, fax +39 011 8580027 (hereinafter “Risatti”);

1.2 The GSC apply to all sales made “online” (i.e. remotely and by means of a telematic network), through the use of the website owned by Risatti which can be reached through the address (hereinafter “Site”), by Customers whose headquarters is outside Italy and who purchase for purposes related to their business or professional activity (B2B) and, therefore, not falling within the category of “Consumers” pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 205/2006 and subsequent amendments;

1.3 These GSC do not apply to sales made through channels and/or with subjects and/or in territories other than those indicated in the previous art. 1.2 and not even towards subjects linked to Risatti by a distribution agreement;

1.4 The B2B online sales of Risatti products are governed not only by these GCS, but also by those particular conditions of sale chosen each time by the Customer on the Site, for informational purpose: price, terms and methods of payment and delivery, type of product, etc.

1.5 In case of online sales of Remote Assistance Packages, the particular conditions of Part II of these conditions (articles 23 et seq.) will also be specifically applied, which supplement and derogate, where incompatible, the general conditions referred to in Part I (articles from 1 to 22).

1.6 The GSC prevail over any previous written or verbal agreement between Risatti and the Customer and can only be waived by subsequent and specific written agreements.

1.7 The GSC must be examined by the Customer before each purchase and are understood to be fully known and unconditionally accepted by affixing the flag by the Customer in the provided fields of acknowledgment and acceptance on the Site. Therefore, it will be an indispensable condition, the prior Customer registration on the website, with acknowledgment and acceptance of the GSC as well as the attribution of a unique identification code (username) and a password to be subsequently entered in the appropriate fields before each purchase, as indicated below pursuant to art. 2.1 and ss.

1.8 At its discretion and in exceptional cases, Risatti has the right not to make use of these GSC, without being interpreted as a waiver of the right to make use of them later.

1.9 The Customer acknowledges the possibility of downloading these GCS from the Site and gives his consent to the sending of a copy of the same means of the Order Confirmation e-mails.

2 Customer details and access credentials

2.1 The Customer who intends to make orders on the Site must first make a specific registration on the Site, providing all the information required therein and necessary for the correct compilation of their personal data sheet and the subsequent fulfillment of the Orders.

2.2 The Customer declares that both the compilation of the personal data sheet for registration and the subsequent orders will be carried out by subjects with sufficient and necessary powers to bind the Customer and declares that the data communicated are true. In any case, Risatti reserves the right to request a certificate of incorporation or other equivalent document, in order to determine the exact identity of the Customer.

2.3 Risatti, having received the Customer’s data, will promptly send an e-mail to the Customer whose content will indicate the subsequent authentication procedure to allow access to the Site in the part intended for online purchases;

2.4 Risatti will not know the Customer’s password in any way, so if it is lost, the Customer will have to generate another one using the appropriate procedure provided on the Site

2.5 The Customer undertakes not to transfer his identification code and password to third parties and to keep them with the utmost care and diligence, remaining solely responsible for their custody and use. The Customer, therefore, immediately accepts all orders sent to Risatti with the Customer’s identification code and password, as well as the invoice that will be issued with the data entered by the Customer.

3 Orders

3.1 The presentation of the Products on the Site constitutes an invitation to offer. The Customer’s order will be considered as a contractual purchase proposal addressed to Risatti for the listed Products, each considered individually.

3.2Once the order has received, Risatti will automatically send the Customer a message of receipt of the order (so-called “Order Confirmation”). The Order Confirmation does not constitute acceptance of the Customer’s purchase proposal. By sending the Order Confirmation, Risatti only confirms that it has received the order and has submitted it to the data verification process and the availability of the requested Products. The Order Confirmation will summarize the Products chosen by the Customer, their prices (including shipping costs), the Order number and the GSC.

3.3 The Sales Agreement with Risatti will be finalized only when Risatti sends the Customer a separate e-mail with the express acceptance of the purchase proposal (so-called “Order Acceptance”) which will also contain information relating to the shipment of the product and the expected delivery date. If the order is processed through multiple shipments, the Customer may receive separate Shipping Confirmations.

3.4 After accessing the “store” page, the Customer can select the Products to purchase, inserting them in the “Virtual Cart”, of which he can always view the contents before proceeding with the order forwarding. During the formulation phase of the Order up to the forwarding of the order, the Customer will be able to modify the data entered.

3.5 The Customer can view their orders on the Site, in the personal area, by selecting the “Order History” item.

3.6 The Customer remains solely responsible for the correctness and completeness of the data entered by himself on the Site and / or in the order form, in particular the identification, delivery and with reference to the ordered product, with the exclusion of any responsibility of Risatti.

4 Changes and cancellation of the order

4.1 Any requests for modification and / or cancellation of the purchase order will be taken into consideration if communicated to Risatti in writing by PEC, E-mail, fax, within 48 hours after sending the order made in the manner specified in the previous art. 3.

5 Product characteristics, modifications, availability

5.1 Any information or data on the characteristics and/or technical specifications and/or particular uses of the Products contained in brochures, price lists, catalogs (including online) or similar documents will be binding only to the extent that such data have been expressly referred to by the Acceptance of Order.

5.1 Risatti reserves the right to make changes to the Products which, without altering the essential characteristics of the Products, should be necessary and/or appropriate.

5.3 The wording “available” of the selected product is purely indicative; the actual availability refers to the moment in which the Customer places the order, but this availability must be considered indicative, as the Products could be sold to other customers before the sending of the Order Acceptance by Risatti (by effect of the simultaneous presence on the site of multiple users), or an IT anomaly could occur, such as to make a product available for purchase that in reality it is not, due to exceeding the terms of inventory or as a consequence of time about non-immediate payment methods (eg advance bank transfer).

6 Delivery terms – Partial deliveries

6.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing between the Parties and / or indications in the Order Acceptance, the delivery of the Products purchased will take place at FCA – ICC Incoterms 2020 at the delivery point indicated in Acceptance, with the simultaneous transmission of all appropriate transport documentation as well as of the relative note and packing slip.

6.2 The Parties agree that Risatti has the right to make partial deliveries.

7 Delivery terms – Partial deliveries

7.1 Risatti undertakes to deliver the Products to the Customer within the times indicated in the Order Acceptance, except in cases of force majeure, as identified below in art. 16 or otherwise expressly agreed between the parties in derogation of these conditions. In any case, the delivery terms are to be considered indicative and never essential for Risatti and for the Customer.

7.2 Exceeding the delivery terms will not result in the cancellation of the order or the payment of penalties and / or compensation for damages and / or interest.

8 Unjustified refusals of the goods

8.2 If the Customer is not found at the address indicated by himself in the form for the delivery of the Product and/or refuses , the delivery of the Product, without justified reason, he will in any case be required to pay the price, in addition to the costs of storage and/or further transport generated.

8.3 The Customer authorizes Risatti to charge the additional transport costs and/or storage costs incurred for the delay in delivery of the Products attributable to the Customer, with the amount due by credit card, if the payment agreed was by credit card. If the Customer has chosen bank transfer as a payment method, he undertakes to pay Risatti the costs of stocking the Products within 2 (two) working days from the payment request sent by email from Risatti to the Customer.

9 Prices, Expenses and Payment Methods

9.1 The prices of the Products indicated in the information sheets are expressed in Euros and are, unless otherwise indicated, net of VAT, packaging costs, shipping costs, costs related to the payment method chosen by the Customer, taxes, duties, or any applicable rights.

9.2 The packaging costs, shipping costs, costs related to the payment method chosen by the Customer, taxes, duties, duties or rights that may be applicable are identified and calculated based on the country of delivery of the Products and the payment method chosen at the delivery time of the order which the Customer views before proceeding to forward the Order. The price of the Products and the shipping costs may vary depending on the country of delivery of the Products, due to different existing duties or customs duties and different transport costs.

9.3 The prices of the Products published on the Site may be updated and therefore may undergo variations. The Customer will purchase the Products at the price published on the Site at the time the Order is placed.

9.4 Risatti reserves the right to carry out different promotions depending on the country of delivery of the Products.

10 Installation

10.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the installation or commissioning at the Customer’s premises of the Products purchased on the Site is not included;

11 Payment Terms and Conditions

11.1 The Customer is required to pay the amount relating to each order within the payment term indicated in the Order Confirmation.

11.2 Risatti reserves the right to make the delivery of its products subject to the payment of a deposit or advance payment of the invoice by the Customer who does not offer a sufficient financial guarantee and/or who has already defaulted in payments.

11.3 Orders placed on the Site and the related invoices issued by Risatti can be paid, unless otherwise agreed, by bank transfer, credit card, PayPal.

11.4 Risatti has the right to set off the credits towards the Customer with any debts towards the same.

11.5 If a non-payment occurs, even if only partial, of the amounts indicated on the invoice, Risatti reserves the right to request immediate payment of any residual amount, also referring to other orders;

11.6 If a late payment by the Customer occurs, default interest will be applied provided for by Legislative Decree 231/2002 and subsequent amendments will be applied.

12 Compliance and Complaints

12.1 The acceptance of the products by the shipper, the carrier or whoever else in charge of the collection by the Customer, attest to the good condition of the packaging and all responsibility of Risatti in this regard ceases upon delivery.

12.2 Any complaints relating to the state of the packaging, quantity, number or external characteristics of the Products (apparent defects), must be notified to Risatti in writing, by certified email, registered letter with return receipt or fax, under penalty of forfeiture, within 5 (five ) days from the date of receipt of the Products. Any complaints relating to defects not identifiable through a diligent check upon receipt (hidden defects) must be notified to Risatti by certified email, registered letter with return receipt or fax, under penalty of forfeiture, within 5 days from the date of discovery of the defect and in any case not over 12 months from delivery.

12.3 Complaints regarding any discrepancies from the accompanying documents for the transport, damage or shortages referable to the transport itself, must be communicated to Risatti via certified e-mail or via e-mail within 24 (twenty-four) hours of receipt of the products.

12.4 The contestation of the defect or non-conformity must be received accompanied, under penalty of inadmissibility, with the description of the defect or non-conformity, the sales invoice number, the product serial number and the Customer’s data. Obvious defects such as breaks, abrasions, scratches, or the lack of conformity to the declared quantity, quality or aesthetic characteristics that are not immediately visible before purchase (because in this case they are considered accepted by the Customer and/or the end user and do not fall within the scope of the guarantee) are presumed to be known at the time of delivery.

12.5 It is understood that any complaints or disputes do not entitle the Customer to suspend or in any case delay payments for the disputed Products, nor for other supplies.

13 Returns

13.1 Any return of products purchased on the Site must be agreed in advance by Risatti, which will assign a return authorization number to which the Customer will refer in the return document and / or in the accounting documents. Risatti reserves the right to provide for the replacement, repair or cancellation for each time by means of a credit note.

13.2 All communications relating to the return procedures will take place electronically in writing by e-mail or certified e-mail.

13.3 Products returned to Risatti which, even for lack of adequate protective packaging, are not intact in some parts, will not be subject to replacement and / or cancellation.

14 Warranty and after-sales service

14.1 Risatti undertakes to remedy any defect, lack of quality or lack of conformity of the Products attributable to it, which occurred within 12 (twelve) months of delivery of the Products, provided that the same has been promptly notified in accordance with art. 12.

14.2 In the face of justifiably and promptly proposed complaints, accompanied by the requested information, Risatti reserves the choice, at its sole discretion, to repair or replace those products that Risatti itself recognizes as defective.

14.3 Risatti will carry out the repairs under warranty in reasonable time at its headquarters or, at its sole discretion, at a trusted service center. To this end, the product must be delivered, at the cost and care of the Customer, at the Risatti headquarters or at the assistance center indicated by the latter.

14.4 Repairs carried out under warranty do not involve any extension of the duration, nor the renewal of the warranty itself.

14.5 Any disputes of defects and faults or lack of conformity made by the user or by the Customer for recourse to requests from their successor in title, forwarded beyond the warranty period referred to in art. 14.1, will be fully charged to the Customer with the exclusion of any right of recourse or recourse.

14.6 The warranty does not cover parts subject to normal wear, defects or malfunctions and damage attributable to transport or originating from improper and/or irrational use of the Product (including use in unsuitable places) or from incorrect storage and/or maintenance and/or assembly of the Product in accordance with the use and maintenance booklet or any other warning, instruction or prescription by Risatti. Nor is it subject to warranty what originates in product tampering, unauthorized interventions on the Products and in any fact, conduct or omission attributable exclusively to the Customer or his successors in title.

14.7 The guarantee provided for in this art. 14 (consisting in the obligation to repair or replace the Products) is absorbing and replacing the guarantees or liabilities provided by law, and excludes any other liability of Risatti (both contractual and extra-contractual) in any case originating from the Products supplied (e.g. compensation for damage , whether direct or indirect, loss of earnings, withdrawal campaigns, etc.).

15 Title Reservation

15.1 The Products delivered are on the property of Risatti until full payment is received by the latter.

15.2 The reservation of title extends to any Products subject to resale by the Customer to third parties and to the price of such sales, within the maximum limits established by the law applicable to this clause.

15.3 As long as the Customer does not acquire ownership of the Products, he will be bound by the general obligations of correctness, diligence and custody provided for by law. In this case, by way of non-exhaustive example, the Customer must: a) keep the Products in good condition in the interest of Risatti, protecting them from any deterioration and/or devaluation; b) keep the Products separate from others in his possession, so that they are easily identifiable as the property of Risatti; c) to not remove, alter or conceal any identifying element, such as brand or packaging, relating to the Products; d) provide the Seller, at the simple request of the same, with any useful and relevant information connected to the Products.

15.4 In case of default by the Customer, Risatti may, without the need for any formalities, including formal notice, take back possession of all or part of the Products subject to retention wherever they are, subject to any further appropriate remedy for the damage. right away.

16 Force majeure

16.1 Risatti cannot be held responsible for the non-fulfillment of its contractual obligations when such execution is made impossible or unreasonably burdensome by an unforeseeable impediment independent of his will such as eg. general strikes and/or of all or part of Risatti staff and/or of the carriers assigned the task of delivering the Products, boycott, lockout, fire, war (declared or not), civil war, riots and revolutions, requisitions, embargoes, power outages, factum principis, production interruptions also in compliance with legislative and administrative provisions, pandemics and the like, shortage of stocks in the warehouse;

16.2 Risatti undertakes to notify the Customer in writing within 8 working days of the occurrence of the force majeure event that the contract is deemed suspended and that this suspension does not give the right to any compensation. Within 8 working days from the date of termination of the event, Risatti will notify in writing that the contract will resume producing all its effects. If the duration of the event exceeds 4 weeks, the contract can be terminated by both parties, upon prior notice of 20 days, to be communicated to the other party in writing.

17 Confidentiality and discretion

17.1 The Customer undertakes for himself, for his staff and for his collaborators, to maintain the strictest confidentiality and to treat as strictly confidential all the confidential and confidential information of which he becomes aware in relation to Risatti and/or the Products sold by it. Confidential information means technical, technological and commercial information, data, including statistical data, subject to extreme confidentiality and/or industrial property rights, as well as any other news, confidence, fact, project, information in the broadest meaning of the term, learned about and/or from Risatti, which are not disclosed by Risatti to third parties with official communications that are not, or that have not become, in the public domain.

18 Prohibition of assignment

18.1 It is expressly forbidden for the Customer to transfer the finalized contract to third parties pursuant to art. 3.3, without the prior written consent of Risatti.

19 Update and/or changes to the GSC

19.1 Risatti may at any time modify, integrate and/or update the GSC, with effect for sales completed after their publication on the Site, which constitutes communication to Customers, regardless of their registration on the Site.

20 Privacy law (Article 13 EU Reg. 2016/679)

20.1 Pursuant to Art. 13 EU Reg. 2016/679 the customer declares to have read the information relating to the processing of personal data (downloadable from the following link, which is approved by signing this document. Risatti is therefore authorized to process the data necessary for the purposes referred to in these GSC.

21 Final clauses

21.1 The nullity or invalidity of a clause of the GSC does not entail the nullity or invalidity of the entire GSC.

21.2 The Parties expressly agree to replace, where possible, the clause deemed null or void with another provision having a content similar to their original intentions and consistent with the content of the contractual relationships between them.

21.3 Failure by Risatti to exercise the rights provided for in these GSC does not mean that the Customer renounces to exercise this right at a later time on the basis of different circumstances and/or to apply other provisions of the GSC.

22 Jurisdiction and Governing Law

22.1 Should the Customer has his seat in the European Union, any dispute, arising out of or in connection with the validity, execution, interpretation and termination of these GSC as well as of the sales contracts concluded under these GSC, the Court of Turin (Italy) will have sole jurisdiction.

22.2 Should the Customer has his seat out of European Union, any dispute, arising out of or in connection with the validity, execution, interpretation and termination of these GSC as well as of the sales contracts concluded under these GSC, will be subjected to ritual arbitration according to the Rules of the Arbitration Chamber of Piedmont. The arbitration will take place in Italian and according to the ordinary legal arbitration or quick equity arbitration procedure depending on the value, as determined pursuant to the Regulations.

22.3 These GSC as well as any contractual relationship arising from the execution of the Purchase Order are governed by Italian law.


23 Subject matter of application

23.1. The following conditions from 23 to 30, applicable pursuant to and in the manner of previous art. 1.5, govern the Remote Assistance service on Risatti production machines provided by the latter following the purchase on the Site of a special Remote Assistance Package;

23.2. The following conditions will not apply to any intervention, whether remote or on-site, provided by Risatti in a manner and/or with conditions other than those indicated in the previous point 23.1;

24 Definition of the service

24.1. Remote Assistance consists of the remote diagnostics of Risatti machines, carried out by the staff of the latter and conducted by telephone or by Internet with an online access and use of a software for remote connection with the machine subject to assistance (for example the Team Viewer® software or others that allow equivalent access and communication functions);

24.2. The Remote Assistance service is a tool used to solve problems deriving from settings, configurations or more generally from software problems, as well as a first investigation tool for the analysis of machine hardware problems;

24.3. The Remote Assistance service cannot in any case be considered as a means of guaranteeing the resolution of the problem presented by the Customer. The cost of the service and therefore the fee for the assistance provided cannot be considered as a fee for solving the problem. The costs will therefore be charged even in case of failure or partial resolution of the problem exposed;

25 Prerequisites for providing the Remote Assistance service

25.1. The Remote Assistance service can be provided by Risatti only in the presence of the following prerequisites:

  • The machine being serviced must be made by Risatti;
  • The Customer must have, at his own expense, a telephone and / or Internet connection aimed and sufficient to allow the remote connection of the machine being serviced as well as the transmission of all the data necessary for remote diagnostics;
  • The Customer must have its own qualified and specialized personnel who can interact with the Risatti technicians on the machine in a local environment where necessary;
  • The remote connection software pre-installed in the factory by Risatti on the machine being serviced must not have been manipulated, uninstalled and / or modified.
  • The Customer must give his consent to the Risatti technicians to be able to remotely access the machine subject to assistance, according to the procedures and requests made by the connection software.

26 Purchase of the Remote Assistance hours package and relative time validity

26.1. The Remote Assistance service will be available for purchase in the form of “hour packages” on the Site, according to the procedure and in compliance with the online sales conditions set out in the Part I of these GSC.

26.2. The hour packages include the number of hours indicated in the relative sheet on the Site and may be of different denominations;

26.3. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Remote Assistance hour packages purchased by the Customer on the Site are valid for 1 (one) year from the time of their purchase;

26.4. Once the term referred to in the previous art. 26.3, the hours (or fractions of an hour) of assistance not yet used by the Customer can no longer be used, without Risatti having any obligation to reimburse them in compliance.

27 Methods of providing assistance

27.1. In order to request the Remote Assistance service, the Customer must contact the Risatti assistance service by phone at +39011280298 or by e-mail at

27.2. For proper management of the intervention, the Customer must provide the Risatti assistance service with the following information: name and surname, company, mobile/telephone number, e-mail address, serial number of the machine, model and problem encountered.

27.3. Within 2 working days of the request for assistance, the Customer will be contacted by the Risatti technical service in order to agree on the time of remote intervention.

27.4. Depending on the hours package purchased on the Site, remote assistance will be provided in Italian or English language;

27.5. At the end of each intervention, Risatti will provide the Customer with a hours used report, as established by the following art. 29 and the dates of the interventions carried out and, if requested, a final report will be prepared;

27.6. Where Risatti, at its sole discretion, deems that the intervention requested by the Customer cannot be usefully provided and/or continued remotely, since an intervention on site is instead necessary, it will promptly notify the Customer, who may request a financial offer to Risatti for the completion of this intervention. In any case, the time taken by Risatti for the assistance provided remotely prior to the communication of the need for on-site intervention, will not be reimbursed.

27.7. The Remote Assistance service does not include the supply of spare parts and/or machine components. Where during the remote assistance intervention the need to replace parts and/or components of the machine occurs, Risatti will notify the Customer who may request a quote, which will be followed by sending a formal order.

28 Remote installation and configuration of software on the assistance subject machine

28.1. If Risatti, during the Remote Assistance, installs software within a machine system, without sending personnel on site, in order to configure the software in question, the Customer, during the configuration and commissioning phase in operation, is required to adopt, as far as possible, all appropriate measures in order to reduce the damage caused by any malfunctions of the software itself. These measures include:

  • Functional checks of the systems and equipment involved in remote assistance before starting;
  • Greater attention to functional parameters in the initial phase;
  • Ensure that the system and equipment can be switched off immediately in case of malfunctions;
  • Ensure that no staff members are on site in potentially dangerous areas during the installation of the software and during the test phases;
  • Have previously made a backup of the data.

28.2 The Customer is granted a non-exclusive license to use the software that has been installed as part of the Remote Assistance service. The following applies to the use of the software:

  • The software is provided exclusively for the use envisaged by the remote assistance service and can be used on a single system.
  • The Customer is not authorized to duplicate, process, translate the software or convert the object code into the source code.
  • The Customer undertakes not to remove the manufacturer’s data from the software – in particular the copyright symbols and/or trademarks or not to modify them without the prior express consent of Risatti.

28.3 All other rights on software and documentation, including copies, remain respectively to the Risatti.

29 Evaluation of interventions’ duration

29.1 Time taken for Remote Assistance interventions will be counted with a minimum of one hour per intervention and with subsequent 30 (thirty) minute advance intervals, regardless of the shorter time used.

29.2 Once the time provided by the purchased hour package has expired, the Customer will be notified by Risatti and will have to proceed with the purchase of another package on the Site.

29.3 Where the hours contained in the hours package purchased by the Customer are exhausted during an intervention, Risatti will have the right to suspend the intervention until the Customer purchases a new hour package. No responsibility and/or damage can be attributed to Risatti as a consequence of the suspension of an intervention caused by the exhaustion of the number of hours purchased by the Customer.

30 Specific limitations of liability in the provision of the Remote Assistance service

30.1 Risatti cannot be held responsible, except for judicially ascertained willful misconduct or gross negligence, for damages suffered by the Customer or third parties (including, by way of example, damages due to loss of earnings, economic losses, interruption of activities, loss of data, etc..) deriving from the use or non-use of the machine subject to the remote assistance service.

30.2 During the Remote Assistance service, Risatti cannot be held responsible for any damage suffered by the Customer deriving from defects in the machine subject to assistance or, in general, from negligence, neglect, misuse or tampering by third parties and/or the Customer’s personnel, or for reasons of force majeure, such as, for example, interruptions or anomalies in the telephone, electricity or data network in general.

For the purposes of Articles, 1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code the contracting parties declare to specifically accept the provisions of the following articles: 1.6 (Prevalence of the GCS) 1.7 (Knowledge and acceptance of the GCS by the Customer), 1.8 (Waiver of the right to make use of GCS), 2.2 (Power of representation of the Customer and veracity of the data entered in the form), 2.5 (Proper storage of access credentials and Customer responsibilities), 3.1 (Sending the purchase order as a contractual proposal), 3.3 (Acceptation of the order), 3.6 (Customer’s responsibility for the data entered during the purchase process), 4 (Changes and cancellation of the order), 5 (Product characteristics, modifications, availability), 6.2 (Partial deliveries), 7 (Delivery Times), 8 (Unjustified refusals of the goods), 11.4 (Right of set-off), 12 (Compliance and Complaints), 13 (Returns), 14 (Warranty and after-sales service), 15 (Title reservation), 16 (Force Majeure), 18 (Prohibition of assignment), 19 (Update and/or changes to the GSC), 22.1 (Sole Jurisdiction for UE Customers) 22.2 (Arbitration Clause for Extra UE Customers), 24.3 (Remote Assistance as a Service), 26.3 and 26.4 (Expiration of service packages and consequences), 27.6 (Need to switch to on site assistance), 29.3 (Consequences of the suspension of an intervention caused by the exhaustion of the number of hours purchased by the Customer), 30 (Specific limitations of liability in the provision of the Remote Assistance service).

RELEASE OF GCS: These GCS have been adopted and published on the website on 03/22/2022

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