Electrical resistance test

An essential test for the windings

The electrical resistance test is performed to measure the resistance of a winding. The evaluation involves comparing the measured value with a preset value and a predefined tolerance.

Testing the electrical resistance of a winding is essential.

Standards associated with this test

The list of standards available by using our equipments.

IEC 50106

IEC 60204-1

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Electrical resistance test - execution

In fact, it is not only used to detect continuity, but also to evaluate the accuracy of the diameter of the wire used, the balance between phases (for three-phase windings) and, possibly, detect the temperature increase due to operation. The evaluation involves comparing the measured value with a preset value and a predefined tolerance. On all our instruments, the measurement is performed by means of the 4-wire system – “KELVIN”, since it is not affected by contact resistances and connecting cables.

All our equipment is also fitted with the AMBIENT TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION function: it is known, in fact, that variations in the temperature of a copper winding cause a variation in the ohmic resistance of approximately 0.4% per degree centigrade. In relation to the temperature detected by the thermometric probe located in the machine, the system returns the value read to that corresponding to 20°C (or other, as requested).

To ensure complete efficiency of the electrical resistance test, our machines can also CHECK ANY UNBALANCE BETWEEN PHASES; this function allows detecting any deviations, although the values read fall within the set parameters, between the phases of the ohmic resistance value on three-phase windings which, in terms of percentage, are higher than the set value.

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