1.2/50 Normalized Pulse Test

1.2/50 Normalized Pulse Test

Normalized Pulse 1.2/50 aims to simulate what happens to an electric machine, when the windings receive very rapid and high-value impulses generated mostly by atmospheric discharges, or particularly intense disturbances produced by other electric machines or by power switching (e.g., welding machines, etc.).

The resulting waveform is represented below.

Standards associated with this test

The list of standards available by using our equipments.

CEI 42-4


IEC 6O-1

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What the test indicates

The normalized pulse values 1.2/50 indicate:

  • 2 the time in microseconds for the voltage to rise from 0 to the set value (T1)
  • 50 the time in microseconds in which the maximum voltage is reduced by half.

Aged or defective insulators cause an alteration of this curve, highlighting the problems; in particular, it can be observed that the voltage does not reach the predetermined value or that, once the value is reached, there is a very rapid deterioration.

Other than visual results, the equipment can give an automatic result via the green-red GO – NO GO LED.

The following data have been extrapolated from CEI 42-4 standards:

  • 1 The distinction between atmospheric and shunting impulses is made on the basis of the front duration. The pulses whose front has a duration of less than 20 µsec. are defined as atmospheric impulses, while those with a longer duration, as maneuver impulses.
  • 1.1 Full atmospheric impulse. A full atmospheric impulse is a lightning impulse that is not truncated by a disruptive discharge (as shown in the figure)
  • 1.2 Truncated atmospheric impulse. A truncated atmospheric impulse is a lightning impulse during which a disruptive discharge causes the voltage to drop to practically zero. The truncation can take place on the front, on the crest, on the tail.
  • 1 Normalized atmospheric impulse. The normalized atmospheric impulse is a full impulse with a front duration of 1.2 µsec. It is described as impulse 1.2/50.

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