Test on stators with standard 8 terminals expandable up to 16, in groups of 4.
Test on stators with standard 8 terminals expandable up to 16, in groups of 4. Possibility to implement other tests: insulation, ground efficiency, PD. Cabinet on wheels with 1-2 workplaces inside or outside the machine. INTERNET connection for remote assistance and SW updates. Designed for INDUSTRY 4.0 connection.





  • Air conditioning
  • Barcode reader
  • Partial discharge measurement
  • Test voltages max. 5,000 V. on strength and SURGE test
  • Specialized automatic contact systems suitable for various types of terminals

Related tests

SURGE test

The SURGE test is the most reliable method to test the insulation of winding systems and can also be used to test partial discharges.

Electrical resistance test

Testing the electrical resistance of a winding is essential and is performed to measure the resistance of a winding.

AC Dielectric Strength Test

The AC dielectric strength test is performed by setting an acceptability threshold of the maximum current.

DC Dielectric Strength Test

The DC dielectric strength test is carried out when there are very significant capacitive currents.

DC insulation resistance test

The DC insulation resistance test evaluates the quality of the insulators, the possible presence of humidity and pollution.

Rotation Test

The rotation test is specific to electric motors, including fully assembled motors and stator.

Partial Discharge analysis (PD)

Partial discharges (PD) are electrical discharges localized in the dielectric insulation, limited only to a part of the dielectric material.

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Partial discharge detector for laboratory on Surge and dielectric strength.


Test on specific stators by sector ELECTRIC VEHICLES – EV.

H3 on wheels 12-18-24 kV

Multi-test tool for motors, coils and windings.

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