AC Dielectric Strength Test

A fundamental test

The test is carried out between the live and earthed parts and between windings, when these are segregated from each other. The AC dielectric strength test is performed for a test time established by the compliance regulations, at a sinusoidal voltage.

Standards associated with this test

The list of standards available by using our equipments.

IEC 60034-1

IEC 50106

IEC 60335-1

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AC Dielectric Strength Test - execution

If the tension is such that it pierces the material, a discharge will occur. The actual discharge is generally preceded by partial discharge, which underscore the presence of spaces within the insulation, which may lead to faster heating and aging of the insulation. In this context, the air ionizes, leading to an uncontrollable growth of the current and then giving rise to an actual discharge.

The AC dielectric strength test is performed by setting an acceptability threshold of the maximum current (due to normal dispersions and from the impedance at 50Hz (or 60Hz) of the parts under test); moreover, during the test it is possible (upon request) to verify if there have been partial discharge.

During the AC dielectric strength test, no insulation failure should occur.

A failure is considered to have occurred when the current circulating due to the application of the test voltage rapidly increases in an uncontrolled manner (discharge), as the insulation of the DUT under test no longer prevents the circulation of the current.

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