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Our Company

We have more than 60 years of experience in the construction of functional and SURGE test systems for Electronic, Electrotechnical and Electromechanical products. Our engineers are able to Design and Build testing equipment that meets the needs and technical specifications provided by the Customer, thus creating customized systems that can be easily integrated into production lines.

Our milestones


Expansion in EV

Specific machines for e-bikes, e-scooters and the railway sector.

Electric vehicles

Specific machines for the EV sector.

New headquarters

New plant in Mappano (TO).

H3 up to 60v

The most performing version of the H3 series.

Mechanical tests

Testing of mechanical components.

H3 Series

Multifunctional winding tester.


Modular series for maximum flexibility.

Compact systems

Production of compact systems.


Production of the first computerized machines.

SURGE digital memory

First SURGE tester with digital memory.

The Risatti story starts in 1948

The story starts when, following the restructuring of the company where he was working, the engineer Risatti started working for himself building transformers on the balcony of his own home. After a while he moved his work to the buildings in Via Plana in Turin which were owned by the electrotechnical school SELF.
After this, thanks to some direct contacts with RAI, the business continued to develop and the customer base to grow. The first jobs, mainly for RAI, were fundamental for the growth of the company. In 1950 the site was transferred to a family-owned property, still in Turin. Many designs and cutting-edge achievements date back to this period including power supply transformers for radio bridges totally encapsulated in resin (among the first, if not the very first to make them), small transformers with very high insulation for the state railway and deflection yokes for studio television cameras.
In the 1950s, thanks to the economic boom and the consequent increase in the spread of small household electrical appliances, a testing system that could guarantee their safety became more fundamental than ever. As at the time the only available machine was the one for surge tests which was made in America (and had significant costs), it was decided, thanks to the cooperation with various companies, to launch the construction project of an ad hoc machine. After some difficulties in getting hold of components, the project was completed in 1958.   It was the first SURGE test in Europe and a fundamental step towards the growth of our company.   In the 1960s, also thanks to the cooperation with the company Pavesi (at the time the world leader in motor windings) the company continued to grow and expand its catalogue of complementary tools (rigidity test, ohmmeters, insulation test, etc.) which were increasingly in demand by customers for improving the quality levels of their products.

In 1977 an important step

The Risatti family decided, by mutual agreement, to separate the two businesses (transformers and electronic equipment) into two distinct companies, thus founding RISATTI INSTRUMENTS srl.
An important challenge during that period was the innovation of the SURGE system which, in the USA, had already evolved into an automatic testing system. So, with the cooperation of the newly founded company in the electronic board testing sector SPEA, in 1978 the first digital sampling board for curves was made, with the related automatic comparison between the stored curve and the one generated by the windings being tested.
The 1990s were the years of the technological revolution of Risatti Instruments which, in 1998, made its first completely computer handled stator testing system. The site move to Via Paruzzaro and later to Via Poliziano corresponded with the extension of the product range and the entry into the automation sector, increasingly connected with testing, integrating it with finishing touches, movement and other operations that enabled the time scales and related costs to be dramatically reduced.
From the 2000s onwards, the overhaul continued with the updating and completion of the range of tools and the introduction of new resources particularly at design level. Then, more recently, in 2017, the new and decisively more functional site of Mappano was inaugurated, more suited to the business and to the varied clientele to be looked after. Over recent years we have entered new sectors such as railway, electric bikes and cars, brushless motors, etc. and also introduced robots for moving the parts to be tested. And this year the new website, the result of lengthy internal discussions, in order to create something really up-to-date, complete and as functional as possible. The spirit that has motivated us and, as can be seen, always has done, makes us look forwards, often sacrificing immediate advantages for cutting edge results, even at the cost of sustaining much more significant costs and efforts, but which pay us back through market appreciation.

The tests

Find out all the tests that can be performed using our customized machinery.

Our solutions

See the list of application sectors of our customized machinery.
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