Brushless motors

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For precise and strict brushless motors testing it is fundamental to use experienced partners, therefore Risatti it’s the best partner. Risatti offers perfect customization of the tool for testing brushless motors in order to meet its Customers’ requirements. The common feature is always the special care that goes into their construction, to make them suitable for very stressful uses and in an industrial setting with the possibility to be connected to centralized IT systems.

The machines for testing brushless motors can carry out all the tests required for this type of motor and can be adapted both to automatic lines and to individual manual tests, with and without brakes, and are available with an interchangeable fastening system for the various types.

Brushless motors are synchronous direct current (DC) electric motors, with a permanent magnet rotor. They use an electronic controller to switch DC currents to the motor windings. In this way they produce magnetic fields which effectively rotate in space and which the permanent magnet rotor follows. The controller adjusts the phase and amplitude of the DC current pulses to control the speed and torque of the motor.

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